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“I signed up for the 12 week package and I must say it went fairly quickly. The program was just what I was looking for and surprisingly it was so easy to follow. I have had a personal trainer before, but have not used an online coach. In the 12 week program, Lina has everything that you need ( nutrition plan ,videos, shopping list, etc ). She is one of the best online coaches as she really gives you the 24/7 support and always helps you to stay motivated.”

Yvonne, London

“Contacting Lina has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is a great trainer & I feel really happy with the results I achieved on her 12 week online program! She really knows what to do. I recommend Lina if you are looking for a dedicated coach that gives you 24/7 support and to achieve a physical improvement and healthier way of living!”Thanks Lina!

Natasa, London

“I signed up for the 30 day booty challenge. I am not going to lie; I couldn’t sit on my ass for days. Every day, I was crying like a baby. After the challenge my glutes were looking much stronger and peachier 100%. I would definitely recommend this booty package. Thank you so much.”

Ali, Dubai

“I approached Lina because I needed a traveling personal trainer that will train me and look after my nutrition while I was on my business trip for 6 weeks. Within the 1st week of having her by my side I felt so much better as I was more organised, motivated and dedicated because she wouldn’t let me to slip and I had her by my side 24/7. I am incredibly busy with a full time demanding career and found Lina a godsend, I didn’t have to worry about what to train or eat and when. It was all planned out for me, all I had to do was listen to her and follow it. Lina was there for me every step of the way. I found this experience to be one of the most positive journeys of my life. It was also great having such a dedicated, sweet, encouraging coach. She kept the trip fun and she made me feel very supported. I bring her on my business trips since then.”

Miroslav, London

“I started to train with Lina to lose weight. It was a big commitment for me as I had never had a trainer before but I was impressed with her knowledge, motivation and the confidence she gave me. She always makes the sessions hard but fun and interesting. I was surprised myself at how much I look forward to the next session and I’m over the moon with my results so far. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Kate, Shop Assistant, Dublin

“I used to hate the gym . Lina has changed me and my life. Her 6months package has put me in the best shape of my life. I never thought I’d say I love going to the gym, but I find myself upset if I have to miss a day. Lina has been encouraging and supportive through the whole process, I only wish I would have found her earlier !”

Marie, London

“Trained with Lina for a while and wouldn’t look elsewhere. She helped me a lot with proper gym training and expanded my exercise knowledge and developed my technique to get the best out of my workouts. Not only has she helped me in the gym but also does various outdoor sessions to keep things new and fresh!”

John, Dublin

“Lina is a fun, enthusiastic trainer who will push you to your limits. Regardless of how fit or strong you think you are she will push you to the max. The rewards are great and you’ll see results! I leave my sessions feeling exhausted but in a good way! It’s worth the investment and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

Niamh, Accountant, London

“Lina’s professionalism and joy of sharing good food and nutrition information came through in the cooking classes she presented at my house. Watching Lina cook gave me the feeling that I could easily reproduce what she did. I loved everything. Best of all, my 12 year old daughter now says, she wants to eat only healthy food and become a chef. I feel better and I’ve lost my cravings for the junk food, bread, fizzy drinks and sugar. I have dropped from a size 14 to a size 8 in four months.”

Tracey, Dublin

“I highly recommend Chef Lina. I can’t wait for her to host a healthy party for me and my girls again. Her cooking ideas and tips are creative, yet practical and can be worked into even the busiest lifestyle! “

Eithne, London

“I took the fitbrides program for 12 weeks. I couldn’t thank Lina enough for all she has done for me with this program. Lina has kept me dedicated and given me a massive confidence boost, I’ve changed so much and couldn’t have done it without her! Lina was on the end of the phones whenever I had any downfalls or questions and was very motivational even on the day of my wedding! Thank you!”

Kelly, London

“Lina is an excellent cook! For over two months, she has been preparing healthy, tasty and satisfying meals for me and my partner. We are both very busy at work. Her cooking takes away the worrisome burden about what to eat for dinner, not to mention the benefit to our waistlines and wallets!”

David and Lucy, Dublin

“We’ve used Lina for our healthy dinner parties, but we also love having her stock the fridge before we get home from long weekends or during a crazy week. After coming home from long weekend, there is nothing better than opening the fridge and seeing so many healthy, delicious options! “

Alan and Sarah, London

“I’d been unhappy with my weight for long enough.I work busy shifts in a hospital, the Private chef service combined with the snacks and the extra calories, fruit and veg you can have meant I was never hungry.It really has changed the way I eat. I eat smaller amounts but more frequently and eating regularly throughout the day means I never get too hungry. I feel like a different person, I’m so much happier now. I recommend a private chef service to everyone.”

Collin, Dublin

“I am taking the personal training sessions 4 times a week and also the Private chef servise. I work as a busy manager in Ebay. Private chef service fitted my requirements perfectly. A fully balanced meal program every day – perfect for busy people. Not eating out I lost 6 kg in a month. Her sessions are hard but well worth it. Would recommend her to anyone!”

Rami, Dublin

“I hired Lina to cater a healthy dinner party for me and 3 of my friends. Lina’s healthy food, from appetizer to dessert, was absolutely spectacular. Even though I finished every last bite, the light and fresh ingredients didn’t leave me feeling guilty or weighed down. She makes it fun and exciting to eat healthy!”

Susan, Liverpool

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