Traveling Personal Trainer

“I wish I could take you on vacation with me. Is there even such a thing as a traveling personal trainer?”

Many clients say it aloud, while others are thinking it in their mind.

Nobody likes to get off track.  It’s hard to get back on. Bring me with you! I am available to be your traveling personal trainer and coach. With me beside you, you can ensure that you’ll get your daily intense workouts done and eat healthy meals. You will be responsible for all expenses (including travel, accommodation and food). My fee for travel training is €500 /AED 2000 per day – plus all expenses; airfare, hotel, meals, etc… YES, this is a very exclusive & personal service and is not for everybody. Payment must be made in full before the trip. My fees for traveling with you – to be your trainer and nutrition coach are not “cheap”. As a matter of fact if you have to ask – it’s most likely out of your reach… If you feel this is for you, then just send me a few sentences on what your needs are, where you are traveling to and how long the trip may be. Please include your best direct phone number so we can talk briefly to see is this is a good fit – and so we can work out the details if we are going to take this further.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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