Wide range of fitness services

Here at Lina’s Personal Training we provide fully insured Health and Fitness Services. Below you can find information on the services that we offer.


Personal Training Sessions

Welcome to Lina’s personal training service. If you are looking for a great personal trainer in Dublin that can help you achieve your goals, Lina’s personal training service has everything you need.


Fit Brides Personal Training

Reshape your body in just 12 weeks with the Fit Brides personal training program!
If you are a bride, mother-of-the-bride, bridesmaid or anyone who needs to get in shape quickly for a wedding, the Fit Brides 12 week personal training program is perfect for you.


Online Coaching

Online nutrition and fitness coaching is very popular nowadays. This program is the perfect way to achieve a healthier body. Lina will work with you on a monthly, weekly or daily basis depending on the support you need. Lina’s goal is to help her clients fall in love with food again and not feel limited by what they can or cannot eat. You will have direct contact with Lina no matter where you live.


Private Chef

Take your lifestyle to the next level and discover the many benefits of Lina’s exclusive service. A private chef, personal trainer and nutritional expert, Lina will customize a healthier lifestyle that is perfectly suited to your goals, health history and fitness needs. Every exercise and meal ingredient stroke will be personalized to give you the maximum benefits. Meals are perfectly portion-controlled and beautifully presented a symphony of elements handcrafted by your private chef. Don’t worry about buying the groceries, because Lina takes care of the shopping as well as the cooking. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and tomorrow’s meals are taken care of. Relax and enjoy fresh, flavourful cuisine that is tailored to your fitness level for optimum health. Like your food, your workouts and activities will be customized to produce the greatest benefits to your body and spirit. Lina will be at your side every step of the way, helping you to achieve your health and exercise goals.


Healthy Party

Together, we can create a memorable event — from an outdoor grill kids party, to a sit-down classic 2 to 4-course meal. Whether it’s a birthday party, a celebration, or just a meal with friends Lina can accommodate your needs so that you can enjoy your guests.


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